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Over many decades KnitMesh have developed an enviable reputation for the supply of precision knitted mesh components that meet the exacting needs of their world-class customer base. The products, which are mostly bespoke, are knitted from a wide range of metallic, mineral or man-made raw materials and then processed to deliver the specific properties required to meet the demands of the customer’s individual application. KnitMesh go further than simply meeting the required international quality standards and customer expectations, by continually innovating and investing in state-of-the-art design, production and testing techniques. Please scroll down to learn more of the properties and industries served.

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Features & Properties Of Knitted Mesh

Knitted mesh is produced from a metal, mineral or synthetic material wire or filament that is processed into a structure of interlocking loops. KnitMesh produce a wide range of products incorporating unique properties and using the latest mesh technology suitable for use in all environments, including the most extreme.

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From cleaning and sealing to valve silencing, liquid filtration, and shielding radio waves from electromagnetic interference, you’d be surprised at the different uses for our products. Read on to find more.

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