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We offer an extensive range of specialist knitted wire mesh products that will satisfy the safety critical needs of many defence applications. The special challenges posed by a variety of demanding military applications require high performance materials that are lightweight and able to perform in harsh environments.

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Our knitted mesh products are used extensively in the military sector because of their flame and shock resistance, low outgassing and their inherently safety features.

Our knitted wire mesh is ideally suited for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and other shielding applications used in guided munitions, antenna systems and other electronic applications. In addition, the products are used for venting and filtration in the engine air intakes of military vehicles and vessels.

Other applications include the sealing of back-shells and connectors in aviation electrical systems, and sound and vibration dampening.  Whether air, ground or sea, KnitMesh products help our defence forces keep us safe.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in a range of high performance materials
  • Strong but light-weight
  • All metal meshes for low outgassing, flame resistance and self-extinguishing
  • Very resilient for shock and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for corrosive and hostile environments


Modern telecommunications and electronic devices require protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI); our knitted wire mesh products help to guarantee the EMC integrity of all sorts of military equipment.

KnitMesh Technologies supply EMC shielding tape as a Pan Mesh approved manufacturer for the Eurofighter project.

Gas Analyser

Knitted wire mesh filters are a key component in many types of gas detection equipment, assisting in essential processes such as gas flow and gas recognition.

Breather filter

Knitted wire mesh has a unique interlocking asymmetrical wire loop structure that when made up into multi layered filter pads creates a tortuous path that is highly effective for particle capture and elimination of entrained materials and droplets in air and vapour flows.

Such filters are used in a variety of military vehicles and are suitable for diverse terrains and climates.

Suitable Materials for Military