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Compressed Filters

Compressed Filters

KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters are high-performance filtration solutions made of knitted wire mesh. This compressible filter media can be easily formed to fit into specific shapes and sizes to provide efficient filtration of liquids, gases, and particles.

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Discover KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters

KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters are a cutting-edge product designed to provide efficient filtration solutions across various industries. These filters are crafted by die compressing metallic knitted wire meshes, typically in circular or annular shapes, though customisation to other shapes is also possible.

One of the key features of KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters is their versatility in terms of free volumes, ranging from 30% to 95%, and available wire gauges. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions to meet specific filtration requirements. The thickness of these filters typically falls within the 1mm to 25mm range, with the possibility of increased thickness through stacking layers.

In comparison to sintered metal filters, KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters offer a more cost-effective alternative without compromising on performance. These filters exhibit superior durability, remaining intact even under conditions of vibration or impact, providing a reliable and long-lasting filtration solution.

The manufacturing process of KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Filters involves special techniques to ensure uniform density throughout the filter. Additionally, the implementation of statistical process control (SPC) in long production runs guarantees product consistency and quality. The cost-efficient nature of tooling and the availability of existing stock allow for rapid production of representative samples for quick evaluation.




Compressed Filters are used in automotive applications for air filtration systems, engine breathers, and emission control systems. They effectively filter out fine particles and contaminants from the air, ensuring clean and efficient combustion.



In aerospace applications, Compressed Filters are used for fuel filtration, hydraulic systems, and cabin air filtration. They help maintain optimal performance and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and crew by filtering out impurities and contaminants.



Compressed Filters find extensive use in chemical processing industries for filtration of various liquids and gases. They effectively remove solids, impurities, and particulate matter, ensuring the purity and quality of the end product.

Oil and Gas


Compressed Filters play a crucial role in oil and gas industries by providing effective filtration of production fluids, gases, and fuels. They help protect equipment, prevent blockages, and maintain the integrity and efficiency of the system.



In the pharmaceutical industry, Compressed Filters are used for filtering liquids and gases to ensure sterile and contaminant-free environments. They help maintain stringent quality standards and prevent cross-contamination during production processes.

Food and Beverage


Compressed Filters are employed in food and beverage processing to remove impurities, particles, and contaminants from liquids and gases. They help ensure product purity, extend shelf life, and maintain food and beverage safety standards.

HVAC Systems


Compressed Filters play a vital role in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems by effectively filtering airborne particles, dust, and pollutants. They help improve indoor air quality, reduce allergens, and protect HVAC equipment.

Power Generation


Compressed Filters are used in power generation plants for air intake filtration of gas turbines, diesel engines, and cooling systems. They protect equipment from abrasive particles and ensure the efficient operation of power generation systems.

Water Treatment


Compressed Filters are utilised in water treatment processes for the filtration of liquids and gases. They help remove impurities, suspended solids, and contaminants from water, ensuring its purity and suitability for various applications such as drinking water, industrial processes, and wastewater treatment.

How Knitted Wire Mesh Boosts Filtration Efficiency

In industrial processes where the filtration of liquids and gases is crucial, having the right materials can significantly impact efficiency and overall quality. One material that has proven to be highly effective in boosting filtration efficiency is knitted wire mesh.

Knitted wire mesh is specifically designed to provide superior filtration capabilities. Its unique structure, created by interlocking wire in a precise pattern, results in a high surface area with tiny spaces or pores. These characteristics make knitted wire mesh ideal for capturing impurities and contaminants during the filtration process.

The key to its efficiency lies in the precise control of pore size and density. This ensures that particles of various sizes are effectively captured, making it a reliable solution for microfiltration needs. This ability to capture contaminants with a high capture rate makes knitted wire mesh an efficient choice for a wide range of industrial filtration applications.

Furthermore, knitted wire mesh is highly customisable, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific filtration requirements. It can be manufactured using different metals such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminium, making it suitable for diverse industrial needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective filtration: Ensures that particles and contaminants are effectively removed.
  • Versatility: The availability of various shapes allows for easy integration into different applications and systems.
  • Cost savings: Provides cost savings without compromising on performance.
  • Durability: Do not disintegrate or fracture under vibration or impact.
  • Adjustable filtration levels: Available in free volumes ranging from 30% to 95%.
  • Thickness options: The range of thickness options (1mm to 25mm and above) allows for customisation.
  • Consistent performance: Even density ensures consistent performance and reliable filtration results.
  • Eco-friendly: An environmentally friendly filtration solution, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.
  • Customisation: Can be customised to suit specific requirements.
  • Quality assurance: ISO 9001 accreditation ensures consistent quality and performance standards.

Suitable Materials for Compressed Filters