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Copper Cleaning Mesh

Copper Cleaning Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh is a reliable and efficient solution for industrial cleaning, designed to effectively remove contaminants and maintain cleanliness.

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Discover KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh is revolutionising the world of heavy-duty industrial cleaning. With its impeccable flexibility and unrivalled performance, this scouring material is tailored to meet the demands of the plastics industry and beyond.

Specifically designed for industrial applications, KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh is the perfect companion for cleaning extrusion dies, screws and barrels, mould injection machines, and various other surfaces. Its versatility knows no bounds. Whether you want to remove paint or varnish, eliminate heavy tarnish, or tackle any stubborn grime, this mesh has got you covered.

Crafted from flattened copper wire, KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh sets itself apart as a seamless, continuous flat stocking measuring approximately 125mm wide. The precision knitting technique ensures optimal scouring properties, making it an indispensable tool in the world of industrial cleaning. Moreover, the softness of the copper material eliminates the risk of scratching delicate steel work surfaces, thus preserving their integrity.

What truly sets KnitMesh Technologies’ Copper Cleaning Mesh apart is its ingenious structure. Not only does it offer unparalleled cleaning capabilities for standard requirements, but it also provides an additional level of scouring action. By simply turning the mesh inside out, users can achieve a greater cleaning grade, making it a formidable asset to combat the most challenging cleaning tasks.



Copper Cleaning Mesh is widely used in the extrusion industry for cleaning extrusion dies, screws, and barrels. It helps remove any residue or build-up from these surfaces to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Plastic Injection Moulding


Mould injection machines often require routine cleaning to maintain optimal performance. Copper Cleaning Mesh can effectively remove any contaminants or residues that may hinder the production process.



In the manufacturing industry, Copper Cleaning Mesh is used for cleaning various surfaces, including metal components, machinery, and equipment. It provides an efficient solution for removing paint, varnish, and heavy tarnish, ensuring a clean and polished finish.

Maintenance and Repair Services


Companies specialising in maintenance and repair services across different industries can benefit from using Copper Cleaning Mesh. It helps them in cleaning and restoring equipment and machinery, extending their lifespan and maintaining their performance.

DIY and Home Improvement


Copper Cleaning Mesh is useful for household applications such as paint, varnish, or stain removal from surfaces like metal, wood, or ceramics. It offers a convenient and effective solution for DIY enthusiasts and home improvement projects.

Why Knitted Wire Mesh is the Best Choice for Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks, especially when it involves removing residues, scraps, or fluids from machinery. Traditionally, people have used brushes, sponges, or cloths for this purpose. However, limited performance and durability of these products make them ineffective for industrial cleaning.

Knitted wire mesh is a versatile material that can serve a multitude of industrial cleaning applications. This robust and flexible material can withstand harsh chemicals (acids, alkalis, solvents), high temperatures, and abrasive conditions, making it an ideal choice for various industrial cleaning tasks.

The unique structure of knitted wire mesh imparts outstanding mechanical properties to this material. Its interlocking loop design provides effective scrubbing and wiping action that can remove even the toughest residues from machinery surfaces. In addition, the flexibility of this material allows it to conform to any shape, making it suitable for cleaning complex areas and crevices.

One of the most significant benefits of knitted wire mesh is its sustainability. Unlike single-use cleaning tools, knitted wire mesh can be reused multiple times, making it an eco-friendly cleaning solution. It also reduces the need for harmful chemicals, which means fewer pollutants entering the environment.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased efficiency: Results in more efficient cleaning of machines and equipment.
  • Thorough cleaning: Allows for deep cleaning of corners and crevices that are hard to reach.
  • Time savings: Shorter cleaning times help in optimising productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Versatility: Can be used to clean a wide range of materials and surfaces.
  • Safety assurance: Resistance to burning, smoking, and fuming ensures a safer working environment.
  • Product integrity: Rust-free and non-contaminating properties help to maintain the quality and integrity of end products.
  • Increased lifespan: Made from durable copper material, which is long-lasting and can withstand heavy duty applications.
  • Environmentally friendly: Made from naturally occurring copper and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.
  • Reduced maintenance: Requires less frequent replacement than other cleaning solutions.
  • Cost savings: Allows businesses to save on cleaning expenses without compromising on performance.
  • Customised solutions: Ensures that businesses receive a cleaning solution that perfectly fits their needs.
  • Quality assurance: ISO 9001 accreditation ensures consistent quality and performance standards.

Suitable Materials for Copper Cleaning Mesh