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A Guide to KnitMesh Technologies’ EMI and RFI Shielding Product Range

Posted On : Wednesday 26th June

In an era dominated by the pervasive influence of electronic devices, the need for robust electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI) shielding solutions has never been more critical. Knitted wire mesh has emerged as a leading material for shielding applications, offering a unique blend of conductivity, flexibility, and durability. Among the industry frontrunners in this field is KnitMesh Technologies, renowned for its innovative range of EMI and RFI shielding products designed to meet the diverse requirements of global industries.


Why Knitted Wire Mesh?

The intricate design of knitted wire mesh lends itself to superior performance as an EMI and RFI shielding material. Its interlocking loop structure enables it to provide an efficient conductive path for electromagnetic waves, effectively blocking interference while allowing for the dissipation of electrical currents and the absorption of stray signals. Moreover, its inherent flexibility allows it to conform to irregular surfaces and complex shapes, making it an ideal choice for applications that demand adaptability and reliability. With these unparalleled properties, knitted wire mesh stands out as an ideal shielding material for a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.


KnitMesh Technologies’ Product Range

Shielding Tapes

KnitMesh Technologies offers a diverse range of Shielding Tapes that serve as versatile solutions for EMI and RFI shielding. These tapes, available in various widths, can be tailored to suit specific application requirements, providing an effective means of sealing edges, joints, and seams in electronic enclosures and housings. With a focus on practicality and cost-efficiency, these Shielding Tapes deliver reliable shielding performance in a range of environments.

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Shielding Gaskets

The Shielding Gaskets developed by KnitMesh Technologies are engineered to deliver robust environmental sealing alongside dependable EMI and RFI shielding properties. These gaskets come in different cross-sectional profiles to accommodate various enclosure designs and are crafted from materials that meet stringent industry standards for factors like flame resistance, chemical resistance, and thermal conductivity. This ensures a comprehensive solution for demanding applications that require both effective shielding and environmental protection.

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Compressed Shielding Gaskets

Designed for consistent shielding effectiveness across a broad range of compression levels, KnitMesh Technologies’ Compressed Shielding Gaskets are ideal for applications where enclosure pressures are dynamic or fluctuating. These gaskets maintain reliable performance and longevity without compromising shielding integrity, making them well-suited for assemblies with tolerance variations. Their compressible nature allows them to adapt to changes in mating surfaces, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions.

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Mesh-Covered Elastomer Cores

KnitMesh Technologies’ Mesh-Covered Elastomer Cores combine EMI and RFI shielding capabilities with enhanced mechanical properties. By encasing an elastomeric core with knitted wire mesh, these products offer a blend of flexibility, resilience, and shielding effectiveness. This unique construction makes them ideal for applications that require vibration isolation, environmental sealing, and high-performance shielding.

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Shielding Gaskets with Fluid Seals

The Shielding Gaskets with Fluid Seals from KnitMesh Technologies offer a dual-function solution for applications that demand both EMI and RFI shielding and environmental ingress protection. Integrating a robust fluid seal with a conductive knitted wire mesh, these gaskets provide comprehensive protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants while ensuring reliable shielding performance. This versatile solution is well-suited for outdoor enclosures, automotive electronics, and marine applications.

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Grounding Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies’ Grounding Mesh is a type of conductive mesh used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) grounding applications. Typically made of copper wire, the mesh provides a low-impedance path for electrical currents, allowing it to effectively ground electrical and electronic equipment. The nature of the mesh design allows for flexibility and conformity to the shape of the area being grounded, making it a versatile and effective solution for various applications.

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