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KnitMesh Technologies
Knitted Mesh Solutions

Knitted Mesh is produced using various metals, minerals and synthetic materials processed into a structure of interlocking loops. KnitMesh Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Knitted Wire Mesh products designed and developed for a range of sectors such as hydrogen generation, electrolysis, automotive, aerospace, telecoms and the military.

Our technical, innovative Knitted Wire Mesh products are manufactured using the latest techniques such as our unique method of differential welding – Wire Mesh is welded on plate metal washers – a method used extensively in the automotive sector.

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Leading Manufacturer of Knitted Wire Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies has developed an enviable reputation since its foundation in the 1940s for the research, development and supply of precision Knitted Wire Mesh components across the world. Our Wire Mesh products are bespoke, manufactured from a wide range of metallic, mineral or man-made raw materials and then processed to deliver the specific properties of our customers’ applications.

We continually invest in state-of-the-art design, production and testing techniques helping us to meet and exceed international quality standards across a number of industries such as green hydrogen generation, electrolysis, automotive, aerospace, electronics, military, telecommunications, renewable energy, medical and testing equipment. Meeting our clients’ exacting Wire Mesh requirements is our ultimate goal and something we pride ourselves in.

Knitted Mesh in Automotive Engineering

Knitted Mesh in Hydrogen & Electrolysis