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Actuator Filters

Actuator Filters

KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters are meticulously crafted using knitted wire mesh, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability for filtering applications.

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Discover KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters

KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters play a crucial role in maximising the entrapment of particulates from propellants and enhancing the cooling of expanding gas after activation. These filters are specially designed to cater to the demanding requirements of various industries where precision and reliability are paramount.

Crafted from high-quality knitted wire mesh, KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters boast a unique construction that ensures uniform compression throughout the filter. This characteristic not only enhances the filtering capabilities of the mesh but also contributes to its durability and longevity in challenging environments.

One of the standout features of KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters is their excellent flow properties combined with a large surface area. This design aspect allows for efficient filtration while maintaining optimal airflow. The filters are engineered to withstand high shock loadings, making them suitable for applications that experience sudden changes in pressure or force.

Moreover, KnitMesh Technologies’ Actuator Filters are built to operate effectively in high-temperature, corrosive, and hostile environments. This versatility makes them a preferred choice for critical applications where standard filters may not suffice.



Actuator Filters are used in automotive systems to protect sensitive components from contaminant and debris ingress, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.



Actuator Filters are ideal for complex aerospace applications, particularly for hydraulic and pneumatic systems where high reliability and performance are a priority.



Actuator Filters have a wide range of defence applications, where they are used to protect sensitive components such as hydraulic control systems in tanks or military vehicles. They are also used in aircraft systems where reliability is of utmost importance.



Actuator Filters are used in oil, gas and other energy-based systems to provide reliable and effective filtration of hydraulic oil, fuel, and other fluids.



Actuator Filters are utilised in marine applications to safeguard critical components in hydraulic and fuel systems onboard ships and vessels, ensuring smooth operation and preventing issues from contaminants in marine environments.

Industrial Machinery


Actuator Filters are employed in industrial machinery to protect sensitive actuator components from contaminants, sustaining the smooth operation and longevity of the equipment.

How Knitted Wire Mesh Boosts Filtration Efficiency

In industrial processes where the filtration of liquids and gases is crucial, having the right materials can significantly impact efficiency and overall quality. One material that has proven to be highly effective in boosting filtration efficiency is knitted wire mesh.

Knitted wire mesh is specifically designed to provide superior filtration capabilities. Its unique structure, created by interlocking wire in a precise pattern, results in a high surface area with tiny spaces or pores. These characteristics make knitted wire mesh ideal for capturing impurities and contaminants during the filtration process.

The key to its efficiency lies in the precise control of pore size and density. This ensures that particles of various sizes are effectively captured, making it a reliable solution for microfiltration needs. This ability to capture contaminants with a high capture rate makes knitted wire mesh an efficient choice for a wide range of industrial filtration applications.

Furthermore, knitted wire mesh is highly customisable, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific filtration requirements. It can be manufactured using different metals such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminium, making it suitable for diverse industrial needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent filtration: Effectively removes particulates from propellants, fluids, and gases.
  • Cooling function: Designed to cool expanding gas after activation.
  • Uniform compression: Ensures consistent performance and reliability in various applications.
  • Excellent flow properties: Allows for the efficient movement of fluids and gases through the system.
  • Large surface area: Maximises the contact area for filtration, enhancing their efficiency and extending their service life.
  • Suitability for dynamic environments: Ideal for applications that experience sudden changes in pressure or force.
  • High-temperature suitability: Operates effectively in high-temperature, corrosive, and hostile environments.
  • Cost-effective: Offers cost-effective filtration solutions, providing long-term value.
  • Customisable: Allows for tailored solutions to meet specific application requirements.
  • Quality assurance: ISO 9001 accreditation ensures consistent quality and performance standards.

Suitable Materials for Actuator Filters