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Shielding Gaskets

Shielding Gaskets

KnitMesh Technologies’ Shielding Gaskets provide exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

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Discover KnitMesh Technologies’ Shielding Gaskets

KnitMesh Technologies’ Shielding Gaskets are an innovative solution for protecting against EMI and RFI. These gaskets are designed to fit various types of enclosures, including cast, machined, and sheet metal.

One of their standout features is their knitted wire mesh construction which comprises interlocked spring-like loops. This unique design provides resilience and conductivity, ensuring excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. As a result, these gaskets effectively prevent EMI and RFI from interfering with the functionality of your equipment.

Additionally, these gaskets are made of all-metal materials, making them highly durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperature environments. Regardless of the conditions, the Shielding Gaskets are engineered to provide reliable and long-lasting protection to your equipment.

It is important to note that Shielding Gaskets are not suitable for situations where doors or access panels are frequently opened. This is because repeated openings can cause a compression set to form in the gaskets over time, which may affect their effectiveness.

If weather or pressure sealing is required, consider using KnitMesh Technologies’ range of Mesh Covered Elastomer Cores, which are specifically designed for those purposes.

Electronics and Telecommunications


In this industry, Shielding Gaskets are commonly used in electronic devices and telecommunication equipment like phones, routers, and computer systems. They are installed in enclosed areas such as doors, covers, and connectors to prevent EMI and RFI from affecting the performance of sensitive electronic components.

Aerospace and Defence


The aerospace and defence industries extensively use Shielding Gaskets to protect sensitive communication, navigation, and surveillance equipment. Shielding Gaskets are used in aircraft panels, antenna systems, and military-grade enclosures to prevent EMI and RFI from external sources or between internal components, ensuring reliable communication and operation.

Industrial and Manufacturing


Industrial applications often involve machinery and equipment that generates electrical noise and electromagnetic radiation. Shielding Gaskets are used in control panels, cabinets, and equipment enclosures to prevent EMI and RFI from interfering with sensitive control systems and ensure proper operation.

Medical Devices


Medical devices often contain sensitive electronic components that can be affected by external EMI and RFI. Shielding Gaskets are used in medical equipment such as MRI machines, CT scanners, and pacemakers to prevent EMI from interfering with their operation and accuracy.

Automotive and Transportation


Shielding Gaskets are used in the automotive industry to provide EMI and RFI protection for sensitive electronic systems like infotainment systems, engine control units (ECUs), and sensors. Gaskets can be found in vehicle door enclosures, under the hood, and in other critical areas, helping to prevent EMI that may cause malfunctions or affect performance.

Understanding EMI and RFI

EMI refers to the phenomenon where electromagnetic energy disrupts the normal functioning of electronic devices and systems. This interference can originate from various sources such as power lines, electronic devices, radio transmitters, and even natural occurrences like lightning strikes. The consequences of EMI can manifest as noise, disturbances, or signal degradation, leading to compromised functions and unreliable performance of electronic equipment.

RFI, a subset of EMI, specifically relates to interference caused by radio frequency signals. When signals emitted by radio transmitters or wireless devices interfere with the reception or transmission of signals in electronic equipment, the result is impaired performance and compromised functionality. Devices such as radio receivers, telecommunications systems, and medical equipment are particularly susceptible to the effects of RFI.

Shielding Gaskets play a vital role in preventing EMI and RFI by providing a barrier between electronic components and the outside electromagnetic environment. When placed between the mating surfaces of electronic enclosures, connectors, or panels, Shielding Gaskets effectively create a conductive seal to minimise or eliminate the transmission of unwanted electromagnetic radiation.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced EMI/RFI shielding: Specifically designed to provide superior shielding performance.
  • Flexible and adaptable design: The unique knitted wire mesh design makes the gaskets highly flexible and adaptable.
  • Cost-effective solution: Offers a cost-effective means of addressing EMI and RFI issues.
  • Multiple installation options: Can be supplied with a range of installation options.
  • High-temperature resistance: Designed to withstand high temperatures and extreme environments.
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity: Offers excellent electrical conductivity, ensuring reliable transmission and signal integrity.
  • Environmentally friendly: Free from hazardous materials, making them safe to use in various applications.
  • Customisable solutions: Can develop custom solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.
  • Quality assurance: ISO 9001 accreditation ensures consistent quality and performance standards.

Suitable Materials for Shielding Gaskets