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Our knitted wire mesh is an extremely versatile material that lends itself perfectly to design and innovation within the fields of medicine, medical research and health care equipment.

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We have worked with research organisations engaged in the development of medical implants and stents, tissue cultivation and prostheses, as well as supplying to manufacturers of complex medical equipment ranging from body scanners to x-ray devices and nebulisers.

With over 60 years expertise in the manufacture of knitted mesh, we will work closely with you to design, develop and manufacture products suitable to meet the ever-growing demand for medical solutions.

We offer a wide range of high resilience knitted mesh products with potential utility in the medical sector and will use our extensive manufacturing and product testing capabilities to rapidly prototype the products and solutions your innovations and processes require.


Surgical Implants

Knitted wire mesh can be produced from any metal and KnitMesh Technologies frequently work with research and development companies seeking medical implant devices fabricated from biocompatible materials such as precious metals or titanium, etc.

EMC Gaskets

Modern medical equipment and electronic devices require protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI); our knitted wire mesh products help to guarantee the EMC integrity of all sorts of medical equipment, ranging from body scanners to x-ray devices.

Knitted Mesh Features in Medical

  • Wide choice of materials suitable for medical and clinical uses, including precious metals, titanium, special alloys, etc
  • Unique characteristics that offer a combination of high strength and light weight
  • Rapid sample and prototyping capability
  • Available in environmentally friendly materials
Suitable Materials For Medical