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Knitted wire mesh has multiple applications within the transport sector. Whether for filtration, vibration control, anti-vandal protection or a range of other uses, our knitted wire mesh offers a unique combination of high-strength and low-weight that makes it the preferred choice for a variety of transport applications.

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Applications by transport operators include:

  • Mesh components for air intake filters, engine breathers and braking systems
  • Anti-slash composite fabric applications for use as protection against vandalism in mass transit passenger seating or illegal entry into curtain-sider (Tautliner) trucks
  • Reinforcement for flexible gangway connections between railway carriages
  • Anti-vibration and acoustic control components for use in mass transit systems e.g. floating floors and seat support in railway and subway rolling stock
  • Filters for hot air balloon gas burners

Features and Benefits

  • Knitted structure captures knife blades, helping to reduce significant damage
  • Available on cardboard cores for easy further processing, in mesh widths from up to 1 metre wide as a double layer sock or 2 metres wide as a single layer
  • Saves money by reducing damage from vandalism to passenger seating and railway coach flexible gangway connections or by protecting curtain-siders to reduce repair bills and theft
  • Versatile material type and combination choices, for example multi-filaments for extra strength or co-knitting materials together such as stainless steel wire with Kevlar yarn
  • Mesh components can be used for engine and braking system breathers
  • Suitable for anti-vibration and acoustic control components for mass transit, for example floating floors and seat supports in railway and subway rolling stock
  • Multi-filament construction for extra strength
  • Combination (co-knit) construction for added strength e.g. stainless steel & Kevlar yarn

Curtain Siders

Double filament knitted wire mesh is used for anti-slash protection in heavy goods vehicle curtain siders and protect against theft and illegal entry.

Aerospace Seals

KnitMesh Technologies manufacture a wide range of temperature resilient cores and gaskets used within the aviation sector, including special applications for aircraft hatch seals.

Our cores and gaskets have high elastic compression properties with almost no plastic deformation and can be made in a range of materials to suit a host of different temperature and corrosion requirements.

Passenger Seating

Double filament knitted wire mesh is used for anti-vandal protection in mass transit seating composites and can have multi-filaments for extra strength or be combined with other materials such as Kevlar yarn.

Suitable Materials for Transport