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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The world’s offshore and onshore Oil & Gas industries demand a comprehensive range of novel solutions for the unique challenges inherent to their production activities. With over 60 years expertise in the manufacture of knitted wire mesh, Knitmesh Technologies is long-standing and respected supplier to the sector.

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We offer a wide range of knitted wire mesh products for applications typical to the Oil & Gas industries and we use our extensive manufacturing and product testing capabilities to create prototype products that meet our customers’ specification.

Nothing is more important than safety and, with products made in the UK and exported around the world, we are focused on helping you to work safely and productively.

Knitted mesh is a key component in equipment used for many different purposes within the Oil & Gas industry such as HVAC, flame arresting, spark arresting, filtration, mist elimination (demisting), gas detection, hazard signalling and insulation.

Our products offer many advantages over other materials such as being able to operate at extreme (high and low) temperatures. They are manufactured from a wide range of metal, polymeric or mineral materials and have high resilience resulting from the complex structure of interlocked loops. They also offer excellent filtration capability and can operate in corrosive and hostile environments. Other features include optimal absorption of heat, sound, vibration energy and high shock loadings.

Features and Benefits

  • Operational at extremes of high and low temperatures
  • Manufactured in a wide range of metals
  • Constructed from knitted wire mesh with numerous interlocked loops for high resilience
  • Excellent filtration capability
  • Capable of operating in corrosive and hostile environments
  • Optimal absorption of heat, sound, vibration energy and high shock loadings

Valve Packing

Our knitted wire mesh and graphite foil combination yarns are used in the production of braided mechanical packings for high temperature and high-pressure valve applications.

Spark Arresters

Flashback guards and spark arresting panels are used in a wide variety of applications to prevent the passage of incandescent particles (sparks) from one part of a plant/system/process to another.

Down Well Tools

Our knitted wire mesh is highly resilient and malleable and is an ideal medium for a variety of uses in the wellbore clean-up and fishing systems that help operators to reduce costs and improve well performance.

Suitable Materials for Oil & Gas