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Knitted wire mesh is a product that can be varied by material type, size and profile, and which offers the creative industries a unique resource of infinite variety.

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Knitted mesh is a versatile material that has inspired artists and designers for generations.

Our knitted mesh may have had its origins in the industrial domain, but it has been embraced worldwide by artists, designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts alike, for its unique design potential.

Fashion & Jewellery Mesh

Our Knitted Mesh is used to fulfil creative ideas in fashion and jewellery making around the world.

Typical uses range from designer handbags and purses; to bespoke jewellery.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Designer handbags and purses and bespoke jewellery
  • Fashion, couture
  • Ornamental design and sculpture
  • Art installations and water features
  • Architectural, cladding and built environment
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Industrial and aesthetic design
  • Film, stage and recording studio
  • Retail display, Interior design and suspended ceilings
  • Glass or polymer laminates


From DIY to artisan craft workshops, our knitted mesh is used as a material to fulfil creative ideas in jewellery making around the world.

Sculpture for art

In its infinite variety our knitted mesh inspires and challenges artists & sculptors throughout the world.

Suitable Materials for Design