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The unique properties of our knitted wire mesh make it an ideal choice for many demanding aerospace applications where few materials will withstand the challenging installed and environmental conditions typically encountered.

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KnitMesh Technologies offers all-metal resilient cores used in the aerospace industry primarily as sealing gaskets – where high resilience is required – and in various high temperature applications.

Commercial, military and general aviation aircraft all use wire mesh in their critical systems. For example, our all-metal knitted mesh components provide excellent protection from vibration and shock and can be used wherever adverse environmental conditions would damage or destroy conventional elastomeric or polymeric components. Our knitted mesh has multiple applications within the aviation sector, including filtration for aviation castings, incorporation in composite materials, temperature resilient cores for airframe door, window and hatch seals, support bushings for engine fuel injector pipes as well as a wide range of anti-vibration, electromagnetic compatibility, and electrical screening applications.

We have the capability to knit mesh from virtually any metal, mineral or man-made filament or yarn and then add value further by fabricating in a wide variety of simple or complex shapes and forms to meet specific customer needs. The unique combination of low weight and high tensile strength, coupled with its structural integrity, renders mesh an ideal choice for aviation designers looking for the ultimate in material versatility.

Knitex® Shielding Tapes

Our Knitex® Shielding Tapes offer ultimate protection against microwave, RFI & EMI interference (Radio Frequency Interference & Electro-Magnetic Interference).

Typically used within electrical and electronic cable assemblies, cable jointings, grounding, static discharge and within connecter assemblies.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements
  • Can be supplied with a crimp for greater thickness
  • Available in widths from 6mm – 200mm wide

Knitex® Fluid Seals

Knitex® Fluid Seals provide enhanced levels of EMI shielding and incorporate the additional
benefit of an effective seal against fluid and dust ingress.

Our Shielding Gaskets with Fluid Seals are typically used in the sealing of enclosure lids, doors and removable cover plates and as interface gaskets for use in vent panels and windows.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements
  • Supplied with a Neoprene Sponge, Silicone Sponge or Silicone Tube

Cores & Gaskets for Hatch/Door Seals

Cores and Gaskets are commonly used within the aviation sector, particularly for hatch/door seals.

Our Cores and Gaskets have high elastic compression properties with almost no plastic deformation.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Resistant to temperature extremes
  • High abrasion resistance to mechanical wear
  • Superb conductivity in transferring heat
  • Available to fit a huge range of operating requirements
  • Highly resilient under pressure
  • Provides mechanical protection and reduces gas erosion
  • Wide range of materials available to suit temperature and corrosion requirements

Aviation Castings

Knitted wire mesh has a unique interlocking asymmetrical wire loop structure that in a layered and compressed form is an ideal medium for foundry filters used in aviation metal casting.

EMC Pan Mesh

Applied like a bandage for EMC integrity, grounding and static discharge around cable joints and connections, our knitted mesh tape is a flexible, light-weight but strong alternative to other more fragile tapes.
KnitMesh Technologies supply EMC shielding tape as a Pan Mesh approved manufacturer for the Eurofighter project.

Aerospace Seals

KnitMesh Technologies manufacture a wide range of temperature resilient cores and gaskets used within the aviation sector, including special applications for aircraft hatch seals.

Our cores and gaskets have high elastic compression properties with almost no plastic deformation and can be made in a range of materials to suit a host of different temperature and corrosion requirements.

Suitable Materials for Aerospace