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Our knitted wire mesh can be designed and developed in collaboration with our customers to provide customised equipment and support solutions for a diverse range of mining applications.

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Mining applications where knitted mesh is used vary from gas detection, HVAC and dust control to noise attenuation, spark-arresting, filtration.

In the mining industry nothing ranks higher in importance than safety, and our high-quality knitted wire mesh products are used throughout the world to help our customers ensure both safe working and optimum productivity in the most challenging of environments.

Knitted mesh is a key component in equipment used in both surface (open cast) and underground mining. Applications include:  gas detection, HVAC, dust control, noise attenuation, spark-arresting, filtration, self-contained breathing apparatus and hazard signalling.

Features and Benefits

  • Operational at extremes of high and low temperatures
  • Manufactured in a wide range of metals
  • Constructed from knitted wire mesh with numerous interlocked loops for high resilience
  • Excellent filtration capability
  • Outstanding EMC properties
  • Capable of operating in corrosive and hostile environments
  • Metal manufacture for highly efficient heat conduction

Gas Analyser

Knitted wire mesh filters are a key component in many types of gas detection equipment, assisting in essential processes such as gas flow and gas recognition.

Suitable Materials for Mining