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Animal Enclosures

Animal Enclosures

Our knitted wire mesh forms a strong, lightweight and flexible barrier that is ideally suited to the unique requirements of aviaries and animal enclosures. Many species of birds and animals can be safely enclosed in natural environments whilst being protected from the environment and dangerous predators and pests.

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KnitMesh Technologies knitted wire mesh can be used as a strong, lightweight and flexible barrier for animal and bird enclosures.

Unlike heavy rigid barriers, such as woven or welded mesh, the unique energy absorbing properties of lightweight knitted wire mesh provide a forgiving containment media that minimises injury in the unlikely event of a collision. Knitted enclosure mesh is manufactured using fine diameter wires, in virtually any colour, providing superb aesthetic qualities for unobstructed lines of sight. The unique low weight:high strength ratio combined with the elasticity of knitted wire mesh allows total design and creative freedom when designing aviaries and animal enclosures.

These properties render knitted mesh as the preferred material used in a multitude of both large and small installations around the world, including the world’s largest free flight aviary at Birds of Eden in Plettenburg Bay in South Africa (see case study).

Animal & Bird Enclosure Mesh

Our knitted mesh is commonly used as a strong, lightweight and flexible barrier for animal and bird enclosures. This can be either to keep specific animals and birds in, or to keep pests and predators out.

Our Animal and Bird Enclosure Mesh has been used to cover the world’s largest free-flight aviary at ‘Birds of Eden’ in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. We supplied the bird sanctuary with a permeable cover for their 23,000m² dome, which spans over a gorge of indigenous forest.

  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Available in lengths up to 50m

*Sample picture is an enlarged photograph of our ‘standard’ Animal and Bird Enclosure Mesh.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard material 304 stainless steel
  • Mesh wire diameter range 0.28mm to 0.5mm
  • Mesh roll widths from 0.5m to 2m
  • Mesh roll lengths up to 50m
  • >80% lighter than equivalent weld-mesh solutions
  • Improved lifespan over galvanised wire
  • Easy to mould/wrap/stretch around structures
  • Can be joined using a variety of methods
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Solutions tailored to customer requirements

Small Animal Enclosures

KnitMesh Technologies small animal enclosure mesh, is made with an optimum stitch pattern but is also available in numerous other options to allow for tailored solutions for countless customer applications and requirements.

Aviary Mesh

Our aviary mesh has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is an ideal flexible barrier for aviaries.
Knitted mesh will keep birds in and predators out and can be tailored according to specific customer requirements.
Our mesh was used to cover the world’s largest free flight aviary at 'Birds of Eden' Plettenberg Bay South Africa.

Suitable Materials for Animal Enclosures