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We offer a wide range of specialist knitted wire mesh products that provide durable solutions for the very specific performance, safety and environmental demands encountered in aggressive marine applications.

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Our products are used by prestigious customers such as the Royal Navy and the RNLI who operate in the most challenging marine conditions.

They feature in fire control systems in engine rooms, flame arresters in survival equipment, gaskets and tapes for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) screening or electrical sealing of marine electronic equipment, and sea mist filters (mist eliminators or de-misters) used in engine room air intakes.

Our mesh can also be incorporated as a mechanical protection or support structure in thermal and/or acoustic insulation (protection jackets) for the pipes and fittings, pressure vessels and valves in engine/turbine rooms, exhaust sets, boilers and HVAC systems.

The special challenges posed by marine installations require benign, eco-friendly but high-performance materials and our all-metal meshes are inherently safe and recyclable. The self-extinguishing products are characterised by their flame resistance, shock resistance and low outgassing so, when correctly specified our products are suitable for use in the most corrosive or saline environments.

We offer a rapid, low-cost prototyping service and have the ability to knit combined-material meshes. Accordingly, we are able to fabricate bespoke solutions for your specific requirements and offer products that fully comply with the quality requirements of IATF16949 & ISO 9001.

Anti-Vibration Components

Our Knitted Mesh has a unique ability to absorb energy, reduce vibration and attenuate sounds.

Our Anti-Vibration Components are utilised in many marine applications, including as support structures for submarine radio antenna equipment.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements

Insulation Blankets

Our Knitted Mesh can be incorporated as a mechanical protection or support structure in thermal and acoustic insulation (protection jackets).

Typical uses range from pipes and fittings, exhaust sets, boilers and HVAC systems to pressure vessels and valves in engine/turbine rooms.

  • Available in a range of materials to suit requirements
  • Available in a variety of widths & lengths

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for operation at extremes of high and low temperatures
  • Excellent filtration capability
  • Available in materials suitable for corrosive, saline and hostile environments
  • Highly resilient for absorption of heat, sound, vibration energy and high shock loadings
  • Resistant to mechanical wear

Sea Mist

Knitted wire mesh has a unique interlocking asymmetrical wire loop structure, that when made up into multi layered filter pads creates a tortuous path, that is highly effective for particle capture and elimination of entrained materials and droplets in air and vapour flows.
Such filters are used in a variety of military vessels and are suitable for diverse environmental conditions and climates.

Fire Control Equipment

Our knitted mesh features in non-water based stationary fire extinguishing systems, designed for marine engine rooms and control centres to protect vital equipment that is incompatible with water.

Suitable Materials for Marine