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Our knitted mesh is perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of cleaning applications. Products in our KleenKnit™ family of products provide a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions.

The products are manufactured in a range of materials including flattened wire for use in harsh environments or round wire for use in our high surface-area kettle scale collectors or more specialised industrial scouring applications.

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Whether your requirement is for standard cleaning gauze, pot or pan scourers, kettle limescale collectors, or more specialised cleaning products, please follow the link to our KleenKnit™ product range.

With each product available in a wide variety of materials, grades and sizes, the KleenKnit™ range provides solutions for industrial (particularly plastics extrusion), janitorial, professional and domestic catering, hospitality, and DIY/decorating applications.

Made from premium, fully recyclable materials our all-metal cleaning products will not rust, smoke or burn on hot equipment, or contaminate your final product. Try one of our premium grade galvanised steel scourers on your BBQ and you’ll never use your usual cleaner again!

With each product available in different materials, grades and sizes we think you’ll be surprised just how useful KleenKnit™ products can be. To view information regarding our products visit the links below:

KleenKnit™ Cleaning Gauze

KleenKnit™ Cleaning Pads

KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors

KleenKnit™ Mesh Rope

KleenKnit™ Pot Scourers


Kettle Lime-Scale Collectors

When placed in a kettle, the complex mesh structure of our KleenKnit™ products attract and capture limescale & salts as the water boils and keep your kettle free of these deposits.
KleenKnit™ limescale collectors prolong the life of your kettle, save energy and improve the taste of your drink!

Cleaning - Industrial Plastics & Elastomers

KleenKnit™ is the ideal tool for cleaning extrusion dies, screws and barrels, also mould injection machines and most other surfaces. For best results use a small amount of industrial silicone grease as a release aid and work while the equipment is still hot. The silicone will also coat cleaned surfaces and make future resin removal much easier. Extruders can be cleaned by feeding a length of KleenKnit into the hopper and through the barrel while the equipment is still on.

Janitorial Cleaning

KleenKnit™ scourers are ideal for a range of demanding applications. As well as traditional cleaning purposes, our KleenKnit™ products are widely used for removing paint and varnish in both the DIY and professional sectors.

Catering Cleaning

Our heavy-duty, high-quality KleenKnit™ pot scourers have a high specification zinc coating and are a popular choice within the hospitality & catering industries, particularly for wok and karahi cleaning in the Chinese and Indian food sectors.

Industries in Cleaning

  • Low cost – KleenKnit™ cleaning copper is probably the most effective cleaning tool available. It cleans machines in less time, meaning far shorter down time
  • Safe – KleenKnitTM all-metal products will not rust or contaminate end product and resist burning, smoking and fuming on hot equipment
  • Flexible – KleenKnitTM products are extremely versatile and are used by many different industries for multiple cleaning applications
Suitable Materials For Cleaning