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Our Knitted Mesh is ideal for use in most industrial, domestic and commercial cleaning applications.

KleenKnit™ products are produced using a range of materials including flattened wire for use in harsh environments and round wire for use in industrial scouring applications.

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With each product available in a wide variety of materials, grades and sizes, the KleenKnit™ family provides solutions for industrial, janitorial, catering, hospitality and DIY applications.

Produced using premium, fully recyclable materials our all-metal cleaning products will not rust, smoke or burn on hot equipment, or contaminate your final product. Try one of our premium grade galvanised steel scourers on your BBQ and you’ll never use your usual cleaner again!

With each product available in various materials, grades and sizes we think you’ll be surprised just how useful KleenKnit™ products can be.

View Our KleenKnit™ Products Here:

> KleenKnit™ Scouring Pads

> KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors

> KleenKnit™ Cleaning Gauze

> KleenKnit™ Cleaning Pads

> KleenKnit™ Mesh Rope

KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors

Our highly-efficient KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors eliminate the build-up of limescale and salts in your kettle.

Our Limescale Collectors ensure your kettle is free of deposits, thereby reducing both your boiling time and energy costs, as well as prolonging the life of the element and most importantly, improving the taste.

  • Available in Stainless Steel

KleenKnit™ Scouring Pads

Our versatile KleenKnit™ range of Scouring Pads offer a superior scouring profile with a highly resilient surface for up to 3x longer-life.

Typical uses range from the ever-popular pot scourers in the catering sector; to rapid surface preparation in the plastics moulding industry; and by technicians in the auto, plumbing and electrical trades.

  • Available in Galvanised Steel or Copper
  • Supplied in bags of 10, with 10 bags per carton
  • Ex-stock available

KleenKnit™ Copper Cleaning Mesh

Our heavy-duty KleenKnit™ Copper Cleaning Mesh is a highly flexible scouring material, designed specifically for the plastics industry.

Typical uses range from cleaning extrusion dies, screws and barrels; to mould injection machines and most other surfaces. When used with a stripper, it is also highly-efficient at removing paint or varnish and cleaning off heavy tarnish.

  • Supplied in 2 x 50m rolls
  • Approx. 115 – 140mm wide

Features and Benefits

  • Super Long Life – Lasts at least 5x longer than standard products
  • Extra Abrasive – Rapid removal of stubborn grease and food residue
  • Low Cost – Excellent value-for-money compared to competitor products
  • Corrosion Resistant – Will not rust or contaminate foodstuff or finished products
  • High Temperature – Resists burning and reduces fumes and smoke
  • Environmentally Friendly – Produced using 100% recyclable materials
  • Enhanced Safety – Hygienic and chemical free
  • Ex-Stock Availability – Contact us for further information

Suitable Materials for Cleaning