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KleenKnit™ Mesh Rope

KleenKnit™ mesh ropes are the ‘pulled-down’ form of the copper and galvanised steel cleaning gauzes and made from the same durable materials.

It can be used as a die rope for cleaning hard to reach places such as ejector pin cavities. The rope is packaged loose or on spools, depending on quantity required.

Copper Mesh Rope
Grade Order Code Material Weight (g/m)
Premium 66CRCP00 0.21mm flattened
99.99% copper
Fine 66CRCF00 0.15mm flattened
99.99% copper
Galvanised Steel Mesh Rope
Grade Order Code Material Weight (g/m)
Premium 66CRGP00 0.25mm flattened
galvanised carbon steel
Fine 66CRGF00 0.16mm flattened
galvanised carbon steel


Due to the highly effective scouring nature of these products please make sure you test KleenKnit mesh rope on a similar, but non-critical surface prior to use. KnitMesh Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through use of these products.