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Operating in Extreme Environments

Posted On : Monday 26th August

Organisations operating on a global scale have learned to develop an ability to improvise and adapt rapidly, sometimes in order to thrive in extreme conditions.


There are few more unforgiving places to live and work than in the challenging environments encountered on an offshore oil rig or onshore oil installation. Companies that operate in these harsh conditions rightfully prioritise the absolute safety and protection of their employees and equipment in order to ensure they function effectively.

One of the often ‘unsung heroes’ that helps keep operators safe, and operations functioning efficiently, is knitted mesh. Often out of sight, the product is used in a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry.

Knitted mesh is used for many different purposes within the sector including: valve packing, HVAC, flame & spark arresting, filtration, gas detection, hazard signalling and insulation to name a few The variety of uses are very wide ranging, from particle capture and the elimination of entrained materials in vapour and gas flows through the wellbore clean-up and fishing systems that help operators reduce costs and improve performance.

The product is selected due to its ability to operate at extreme temperatures, both high and low, and the variety of materials from which it can be manufactured. These include metallic, polymeric and mineral materials that are selected according to the specific application and widely varying operating conditions.

The extensive range of materials available, when coupled with the ability to manufacture the mesh in a variety of complex structures and interlocking loop sizes, enables an almost infinite number of product configurations. This allows for specific performance characteristics to be designed into the product including: temperature, UV, chemical and shock resistance, sound & vibration energy absorption, and high strength, flexibility and resilience. The ability to vary the product’s porosity and its high surface area to volume ratio also render it suitable for many filtration applications.

Some of the more popular materials used in the corrosive environments encountered in the on and offshore oil and gas sector include PTFE, stainless steel and nickel or nickel alloys.

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