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Knitted Wire Mesh for Electrochemical Applications

Posted On : Monday 27th April

KnitMesh Technologies is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative knitted mesh products and applications across many industry sectors. A growing market for the company is the electrochemical industry including fuel cell production and the latest generation of battery developments.
Knitted wire mesh has many features ideal for these applications. Its web of interlocking wire loops offers strength, flexibility and very high resilience, all valued attributes where a harsh operating or design environment precludes the use of more conventional materials.

“Knitted mesh is a conductive, compressible fabric where its resilience, heat & corrosion resistance, and very high surface to volume ratio, render it an ideal medium for the electrical contact and compensation elements used in many electrolysis processes. We are proud suppliers of the Chlor-Alkali, Fuel Cell, Power-to-Gas and the Metal Recovery sectors” said Peter Evans, General Manager, KnitMesh Technologies

Customers can contribute to the circular economy and enhance their environmental and CSR credentials by selecting the recyclable, eco-friendly mesh products from KnitMesh Technologies.

For more information, please visit: https://knitmeshtechnologies.com/industries/electrolysis