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Small Engine Catalyst Substrates

Small Engine Catalyst Substrates

With increasingly stringent environmental controls being placed on engine exhaust emissions, KnitMesh compressed wire mesh components are ideally suited for use as catalyst substrates for small two- and four-stroke engines.

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The uniformly compressed knitted wire mesh substrates provide a base for precious metal catalyst loadings and can be tailored to meet the size, performance and efficiency requirements demanded for effective pollutant removal.

With over 50 years of knitted mesh manufacturing and development experience, KnitMesh are able to custom design and develop products to exacting customer specifications

Knitted Mesh for Small Engine Catalyst Substrates

  • Knitted mesh catalyst substrates possess excellent airflow properties
  • Low-cost manufacture using state-of-the-art knitting machinery
  • Designs tailored to meet customer specifications
  • Available in round, cylindrical or rectangular form
  • Prototypes are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low-cost tooling

Suitable Materials for Small Engine Catalyst Substrates