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Research & Development

Research & Development

At KnitMesh Technologies, we are committed to continually improving the quality and functionality of our products and services. This continuous investment in Research & Development and the improvement of our manufacturing processes ensure that our customers benefit from both best-in-class products and demonstrable value-for-money.

Our New Product Development team are experts at working closely with customers to design bespoke knitted mesh solutions in a wide range of industry sectors. These efforts are complemented by an experienced engineering team who develops the most appropriate manufacturing processes ensuring we are able to meet the stringent quality, service and cost standards demanded by our customers.

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Research Topics

The majority of our products are bespoke to individual customers whose applications, design and performance characteristics are infinitely varied. In order to shorten development lead-times, we are currently working on a project that enables us to predict the performance characteristics of compressed knitted mesh components. This research project involves the development of a theoretical system, based on neural networking, that accelerates the product design process in advance of their prototyping and ultimate manufacture.

Due to Intellectual Property Rights considerations, we are not able to fully disclose all of our research activities. However, whenever possible, we do share these activities with our customers and the sections below link to pages which briefly outline our current disclosable research projects.

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Development Tools at KnitMesh Technologies

We continue to invest significantly in the development of our engineering capabilities. This ensures KnitMesh is at the forefront in the development of manufacturing processes that provide the highest quality components, on short lead-times and at optimised costs that meet the budgeted requirements of our customers.

In addition to developing new types of knitted mesh, we also invest in associated technologies that enhance the use of knitted mesh for both new and existing applications. For example, we have developed new welding processes that have facilitated a significant increase in the bond strength between knitted mesh and solid metal substrates. This has resulted in a range of best-in-class anti-vibration isolators that are suitable for use in applications subject to the harshest of operating environments


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Compression & Tensile Testing

KnitMesh has a suite of test equipment including compression and tensile testing rigs which are used to measure and assess the elastic and plastic deformation characteristics of both raw wire and knitted wire mesh components. This data is used to inform and test our mesh characteristics modelling software, which in turn allows us to predict and optimise the behaviour of new meshes before they are productionised.

We also undertake compression and tensile fatigue testing of meshes, including under operating conditions of high temperatures and specific frequencies. These tests can be used for both research purposes, and for verification testing of series production.

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Protecting People, Property and our Planet

In support of the on-going research and new product development projects, KnitMesh invests heavily in state-of -the-art manufacturing processes whilst maintaining internationally recognised standards covering key aspects of the business.

These include Quality Assurance, the Environment, Health & Safety and Employee Development.

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