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Meet Jason and Marco from Alexander Associates

Posted On : Monday 02nd November

In August 2020, we appointed Alexander Associates to represent us in the USA. Alexander Associates Inc. was established almost 40 years ago by Alex Goldis and his wife Cheryl in Detroit, Michigan and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Jason Goldis & Marco Cercone

Following the announcement of this exciting partnership, let’s get to know our team in the US a little better. Over to Jason Goldis and Marco Cercone, Sales Engineers at Alexander Associates.

JG: “My father saw a great opportunity in the engineering products market where, as a product engineer, he was called on by two types of salespeople, ones who did not have an engineering background and ones who couldn’t really sell. He decided to fill the gap with his technical background and outgoing nature by combining the two and created a business model unique at the time as an engineering focused sales agency. I’m very proud to now step into the leadership role myself and build on my parents’ success with the business.”

MC: “I’m one of 5 sales engineers and the latest addition to the team having joined just over a year ago. My experience was gained in the Automotive and Steel Distribution industries and most recently I worked as a Product Development Engineer at Ford.”

The business has been growing fast, especially since the financial crisis of 2009, and our excellent customer relations since we launched in the early 1980s are a testament to AAI’s mission of forward thinking and high quality.

JG: “AAI is a specialist Manufacturer’s Representative Business servicing exclusively the transportation industry. We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have developed in the sector across the US and Canada. We get involved in various stages of product development in specific automotive market segments, from powertrain and exhaust systems to electrification and ADAS.”

MC: “We add value to our clients’ operations through our product and market knowledge i.e. we have a forensic attention to detail when analysing the designs and process innovations for a new component or assembly; and can then suggest the best solutions for the project, saving our clients’ both time and money.”

Alexander Associates Inc. will represent KnitMesh Technologies across North America for the entire range of the automotive knitted mesh products.

JG: “Whether it is heatshield isolators (decouplers), airbag filters or exhaust system components, KnitMesh has a wide range of products for the sector. We are very selective on the manufacturers we represent and when we researched KnitMesh Technologies, with their 60 years’ expertise in this segment, we knew it was a safe bet!”

MC: “I’m in daily contact with the KnitMesh team at their head office in the UK and find them quick to respond, knowledgeable and actually very innovative in coming up with solutions for our clients’ project challenges. Overall, a successful partnership that no doubt will grow further in the future…”

For more information, please visit:  https://www.alexai.com/