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Knitted Wire Mesh for the Filtration Sector

Posted On : Thursday 01st October

Knitted wire mesh has a wide range of applications across a number of industry sectors. With its unique structure of interlocking wire loops, and the flexibility of the material to withstand thermal shock and vibration without breaking up, it offers considerable advantages over other types of air and liquid filtration materials.

“We come across a variety of problems in filtration applications, from temperatures exceeding 1000°C to high levels of chemical attack”, says Craig Jones, Engineering Manager for KnitMesh Technologies.

Careful selection of material, wire diameter, density and shape can help overcome some of the filtration challenges where conventional materials are unsuitable. The knitting process creates a material that, when layered, spiral wound or compressed, produces a tortuous path yielding highly efficient particle capture.

“Our knitted mesh filters can be manufactured from any metallic or non-metallic material that can be drawn into a filament. The products are supplied in a wide variety of forms including mesh rolls, circular and rectangular pads, complete filters and compressed elements”, Jones continues.

Typical applications for KnitMesh Filters include:

  • Automotive air bag filters
  • Engine crankcase breather elements
  • Air intake filters for automotive, agricultural and marine engines
  • Oil filler cap breathers
  • Fuel injector filters
  • Silencer packings for engine exhausts
  • Filters for paint spray plant air outlets
  • Intake filters on air compressors and turbines
  • Noise attenuating filters in pneumatic tools
  • Coarse dust pre-filters in heating and ventilating systems
  • Grease filters above kitchen ranges, cookers and charcoal grills
  • Permanently sprayed dust filters for coal mines and quarries

“Our team of engineers is available to discuss your individual requirements and offer technical advice on design and application. We are also happy to produce samples for you to test. Get in touch today…” Jones concludes.

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