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Drone-stop™/ Prison Mesh

Posted On : Friday 21st June

Prison Mesh: The Most Effective Solution for Drone Protection

KnitMesh Technologies, the UK’s leading supplier of world-class mesh products, has launched a new knitted wire mesh to help prevent the illegal use of drones in delivering contraband into open prison yards.

Drones have become a major security problem in Britain’s prisons and are increasingly used to smuggle in drugs, weapons, phones and other valuables. A number of UK prisons have introduced drone detection and drone jamming equipment installed on the perimeter of the prison.

The ultimate solution, however, as drone technology constantly evolves is to install a lightweight, flexible wire mesh – barely visible to the naked eye – above all open spaces and yards.

The Prison Mesh has been developed using high quality, 304 stainless steel wire in a variety of strengths and with diameters from 0.28 to 0.5mm. Due to the innovative stitch pattern the mesh is 80% lighter than equivalent weld-mesh solutions. The knitted wire mesh, available in rolls up to 50 metres and from 0.5m to 2m wide, is perfect for prison applications as it is easy to mould, wrap or stretch around structures and has a high corrosion resistance.

This affordable, easy to install low maintenance solution, doesn’t require technology or constant surveillance to operate effectively. Another significant benefit of the Prison Mesh is that it does not impede on the inmates and allows light and other natural elements through. The mesh is strong and weather resistant providing a versatile and highly protective barrier. It is available in a range of colours or finishes allowing it to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings.

For more information or to request a free sample, contact on 01352 717 600 or by email: enquiries@knitmesh.com