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Non-Mesh Products

Non-Mesh Products

KnitMesh Technologies offer non-mesh products that are used to support, encapsulate, integrate with or provide attachment to knitted wire mesh components.

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KnitMesh Technologies® are the acknowledged technical leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative knitted wire mesh solutions.

Perhaps less well known is they have also been designing and manufacturing assembly and subassembly devices which incorporate their knitted mesh.

Design Solutions

KnitMesh is not limited to off-the-shelf design solutions, and works with customers to create bespoke engineering solutions to a wide range of problems.

Materials Technology

As with its range of knitted wires, KnitMesh engineered products are available in a wide selection of materials including alloys, carbon and stainless steels.

For example,

  • metal components such as exhaust mesh gasket support rings and EGR pipe clamps and brackets
  • non-metallic items like polymeric and textile materials, or glass fibre and carbon fibre and endothermic and intumescent materials for encapsulation, as well as elastomer pipes and tubes, or mesh/graphite combinations

By utilising the latest manufacturing techniques, KnitMesh can provide customised solutions to maximise value engineering benefits.

Knitted Mesh for Non-Mesh Products

  • Reduce number of suppliers and supply chain complexity
  • Quality guaranteed as an ISO9001, TS16949 supplier
  • Assembly simplified through supply of sub-assemblies and resuced number of components
  • Cost reduction through value engineering

Suitable Materials for Non-Mesh Products