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Metal Wire Mesh Gaskets

Metal Wire Mesh Gaskets

KnitMesh Technologies all-metal EMI shielding gaskets are regularly used on cast, machined and sheet metal enclosures. They are also particularly suitable for groove mounting where they are held in place by sidewall friction.

All-metal wire mesh gaskets may also be fixed in place by gluing, riveting, spot welding, soldering and via the fin on ‘P’ section and double-core-with-fin gaskets by means of a metal plate. With an all-metal construction, they can also operate at very high temperatures.

Knitted wire mesh construction

EMI shielding gaskets are constructed from knitted wire mesh that has many interlocked spring like loops to make it highly resilient. Gaskets are available in round, rectangular, ‘P’ section and double-core-with-fin profiles.

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Wide range of materials

KnitMesh Technologies produces all-metal wire mesh gaskets in the widest range of materials. These include: Monel, Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel (SN-FE-CU), Tinned Copper, Stainless Steel, Silver-Clad Copper, Aluminium and Copper. Nickel-Plated Copper and Phosphor Bronze gaskets are available to special order.

Generally all-metal wire mesh gaskets should not be used where doors or access panels are regularly opened. Additionally, all-metal wire mesh gaskets do not form a weather or pressure seal; for these applications, KnitMesh Technologies mesh-covered elastomer gaskets should be considered.

Knitted Mesh for Metal Wire Mesh Gaskets

  • Available in round, rectangular, ‘P’ section and double-core-with-fin profiles
  • Suitable for groove mounting, gluing, riveting, spot welding and soldering
  • Will operate at extremely high temperatures