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Heatshield Isolators

Heatshield Isolators

KnitMesh supplies isolators to many of the world’s leading heatshield manufacturers who rely on our proprietary mesh-to-washer welding technology.  The resulting weld strength dramatically improves processing efficiency and significantly reduces scrap levels.


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Automotive Engineers routinely specify these versatile components where cost reduction and improved ‘Noise, Vibration and Harshness’ (NVH) characteristics are required; and for remedies in ‘Buzz, Rattle and Squeak’ (BRS) applications. We regularly work with customers, from prototyping-to-PPAP stage, to rapidly develop application-specific solutions from an almost unlimited range of material options.


Vibration and Noise Control

Compressed knitted mesh is highly resilient and invariably superior to alternative materials in applications requiring vibration control.  Uses include: vibration damping and the decoupling of vibrating from stationery components in order to prevent damage and improve longevity.

In the knitting process wire loops are created which act like tiny springs that return to their original shape after being subjected to compression. This unique energy absorbing property enables the isolators to significantly reduce vibration, dissipate or absorb heat, whilst attenuating sound. These properties facilitate increased cabin comfort even in the most hostile operating environments.


Heat and Corrosion Resistance

Our isolators are typically made from a combination of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel mesh and electro-plated washers that are able to withstand the harsh operating conditions (often up to 1000oC) encountered in typical automotive applications.

The inherent thermal and chemical resistance of the selected materials ensure extended life expectancy leading to ultimate reliability and significant cost savings. KnitMesh Technologies uses state-of-the-art test equipment to ensure compliance to both the agreed specification and the relevant quality standards.

Knitted Mesh for Heatshield Isolators

  • Highly effective absorber of heat, sound and vibration energy
  • Able to withstand very high shock loadings
  • Capable of operating in high- temperature, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Metal manufacture for highly efficient heat conduction
  • Available in circular, rectangular and cylindrical form
  • Rapid, cost-effective prototypes can be produced from low-cost die sets to reduce product development time
  • Fixed easily and cost-effectively by riveting, spot welding, bolting or side-wall friction

Suitable Materials for Heatshield Isolators