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Engine Breathers

Engine Breathers

Meeting environmental legislation head-on, our range of knitted wire air/oil separator elements and oil filler cap engine breathers are perfect for the automotive industry.


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Wire Mesh Engine Breathers

Meeting the latest environmental standards, KnitMesh Technologies produces a range of knitted wire air/oil separator elements and oil filler cap breathers for use in automotive, marine and other applications.

KnitMesh Technologies has over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of knitted wire breather elements. Environmental legislation is placing considerable demands on internal combustion engine manufacturers to reduce emissions from crankcase breather systems and this is where fitting a KnitMesh breather can prove a considerable advantage.

Achievable Efficiencies

Typical efficiencies of 99% removal of all oil droplets between 3 and 10 microns are achievable, coupled to a low pressure drop of often less than 5 millibar.

Breather Materials

Breather elements are normally manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, with other materials – such as stainless steel – available if enhanced corrosion and temperature resistance is required.

Knitted Mesh for Engine Breathers

  • Highly-efficient moisture removal with low or negligible pressure drop
  • Refined manufacturing techniques for cost-effective pricing
  • Available die-compressed, layered or spiral wound to accommodate any size or cavity shape
  • Operate effectively over wide temperatures depending on material choice
  • Density and surface area easily varied to suit efficiency requirements
  • Rapid sample service for component testing
  • Low-cost tooling available if required
  • Easy installation into housings or engine cavities
  • Engineered for long-lasting performance

Suitable Materials for Engine Breathers