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Bump Stops

Bump Stops

Bump stops protect a car’s suspension system when it is under compression and moving parts come into contact with each other.

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For some motoring conditions polymeric or elastomeric bump-stops just won’t do and a knitted wire mesh alternative may be considered for high performance or motor-sport applications.

The unique compressibility and resilience properties of our knitted mesh makes it an ideal material choice for automotive anti-vibration and acoustic dampening applications and by selecting the optimum manufacturing material, our bump-stops are suitable for use in a wide variety of extreme temperature and harsh installation environments.

Knitted Mesh for Bump Stops

  • Superb compressibility and resilience
  • Capable of operating in high temperature, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Able to withstand very high shock loadings
  • Available in many different profiles
  • Designs tailored to meet specific customer specifications
  • Proto-types are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low cost tooling

Suitable Materials for Bump Stops