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Anti-Vandal Knitted Mesh & Anti-Slash Knitted Mesh

Anti-Vandal Knitted Mesh & Anti-Slash Knitted Mesh

KnitMesh Technologies offers a range of specially formulated knitted wire mesh products for use in anti-slash and body armour applications.

Flexible and heavy-duty, knitted mesh provides a structure that is slash-resistant and is regularly used in bus, train and underground seating to protect against attack by vandals. Knitted mesh is also ideal for reinforcing lorry side curtains to guard against theft and vandalism.

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Anti-Vandal Knitted Mesh & Anti-Slash Knitted Mesh

Knitted mesh can also be combined with synthetic materials to produce a composite material for use within body armour. Gloves for butchers, slaughterhouse and fish workers can also incorporate a layer of mesh to help protect hands from knife injuries.

Features Of Knitted Mesh

  • Available in wide range of widths – up to 1 metre wide in stocking form or 2 metres wide as single layer
  • Can be co-knit with materials including stainless steel and Kevlar®
  • Available on cardboard cores for easy further processing