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KleenKnit™ Cleaning Gauze

KnitMesh Technologies‘ KleenKnit™ cleaning gauzes are made from highly flexible scouring materials and have been designed for a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning applications.

KleenKnit™ cleaning gauze is knitted as a continuous flat stocking that is approximately 125mm wide. The flattened wire used in the manufacture of KleenKnit™ cleaning gauze provides superb scouring capabilities. The knitted structure of the gauze provides two cleaning grades in one: as supplied, for all normal requirements; inside out, for greater scouring action.

Premium Grade Products

KnitMesh recommends the use of KleenKnit™ Premium Grade gauzes for all applications as the added strength and toughness this grade affords in practical use has been appreciated by our customers for years.

So why manufacture a Fine Grade? Some people like to use what they have always used, and KleenKnit Fine Grade matches these requirements, but trust us when we say that once you try Premium Grade you’ll probably never go back.

Copper Cleaning Gauze

High purity copper is significantly softer than steel and so can provide effective cleaning and scouring without scratching delicate surfaces (see warning below).

Galvanised Steel Cleaning Gauze

Galvanised steel cleaning gauze is significantly harder than copper gauze, increasing scouring effectiveness and reducing cleaning duration, saving you both time and money.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Gauze

Highly durable and made from 100% non-rusting material, stainless steel cleaning gauze is designed for maximum effectiveness and long life.

Using Cleaning Gauze

For flat surfaces use as a pad or a ball. It can be easily shaped to clean corners and crevices. The inherent material strength permits lengths of the gauze to be pulled round screws or through tubes. Machine barrels can be cleaned by securing gauze around a rod and pushing through.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost – KleenKnit™ cleaning copper is probably the most effective cleaning tool available, it cleans machines in less time, meaning far shorter down time
  • Safe – KleenKnit™ copper gauze is made from single copper filament, meaning it will not rust or contaminate end product. It will not burn, smoke or fume on hot equipment
  • Versatile – KleenKnit™ cleaning gauze is used in many industries for many cleaning roles. Used with a stripper it will remove paint or varnish – as well as heavy staining
  • Long Life – The high zinc thickness on the galvanised steel (a unique KleenKnit specification) means the gauze is significantly more resistant to corrosion and so lasts much longer

Applications: Plastics Industry

KleenKnit™ is the ideal tool for cleaning extrusion dies, screws and barrels, also mould injection machines and most other surfaces. For best results use a small amount of industrial silicone grease as a release aid and work while the equipment is still hot. The silicone will also coat cleaned surfaces and make future resin removal much easier. Extruders can be cleaned by feeding a length of KleenKnit™ into the hopper and through the barrel while the equipment is still on.


Due to the highly effective scouring nature of these products please make sure you test KleenKnit cleaning gauze on a similar, but non-critical surface prior to use. KnitMesh Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through use of these products.

KleenKnit™ is the new name for Cadnit™ Cleaning Copper.