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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Our knitted mesh is a conductive, compressible fabric with superb resilience and heat and corrosion resistance.

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The unique properties of compressibility and resilience of our knitted mesh makes it a potential material choice for electrical contact and pressure compensation applications within new generation fuel cell and battery technology developments.

Our all metal products are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Knitted Mesh for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  • Superb compressibility and resilience
  • Excellent flow properties – energy efficient conductor, with high surface area
  • Capable of operating in high temperature, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Able to withstand very high shock loadings
  • Designs tailored to meet specific customer specifications
  • Proto-types are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low cost tooling
  • Available in many different profiles

Suitable Materials for Alternative Fuel Vehicles