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KnitMesh Technologies – a reputation for innovation across the automotive industry

Posted On : Tuesday 01st April
KnitMesh Technologies – a reputation for innovation across the automotive industry

As the automotive industry constantly seeks to develop efficient new designs and meet increasingly demanding environmental standards, KnitMesh Technologies continues to deliver the solutions that assist in meeting those goals.

The acknowledged world-leaders in knitted wire design, development and manufacture, the company has established a considerable reputation for the quality of its products across automotive manufacturing.

Involved with the sector for over 40 years, KnitMesh Technologies provides a comprehensive choice of engine breathers, manifold gaskets and exhaust components; catalytic converter seals and mesh wraps; airbag filters, anti-vibration heat shields, diesel particulate filters, and braking components.

Working closely with the customer

Comments KnitMesh Technologies’ General Manager, Peter Evans, “We have always placed great importance on working closely with our customers – frequently while their components in question are still in design.

Fatigue testing capability

“This level of involvement enables us to develop innovative solutions that overcome exceptionally challenging problems in hostile operating environments. As an indication of our commitment, we have recently commissioned a state-of-the-art new fatigue testing facility that will enable the testing of mesh solutions, such as anti-vibration sleeves for vehicle exhausts, to 1000°C.

Investment in knitting technologies

“We are renowned for quality, innovation and value amongst first and second tier customers globally,” he continued. “ At the same time, our ongoing investment in knitting technologies allows for efficient production and ensures that all components are manufactured to ensure long-term reliability.”

Cost-effective prototype development

KnitMesh Technologies’ ability to produce prototypes rapidly, using low-cost tooling, enables new component development times to be dramatically reduced. While the use of semi-automatic tooling in high-volume production runs ensures reliable, consistent manufacturing. The company also employs extensive test capabilities to monitor the tensile compression and recovery of materials in both high and low temperature environments.

The KnitMesh Technologies’ range of automotive components includes:

Involved in the automotive industry for over 40 years, KnitMesh Technologies enjoys an outstanding reputation for its range of engine breathers, manifold gaskets, exhaust components, catalytic converter seals and mesh wraps; airbag filters, anti-vibration heat shields and braking system components.

  •  Engine Breathers – knitted wire air/oil separator elements and oil filler cap breathers for use in automotive, marine and other applications. Products meet the latest environmental standards.
  •  Manifold Gaskets – knitted mesh gaskets, both with and without graphite, for use in exhaust manifold mounting seals and system joints.
  •  Exhaust Decoupling Rings & Mesh Bellows Sleeves – rings are used in decoupling joints/load support assemblies to absorb vibration, take up thermal expansion and reduce noise. Bellows sleeves reduce vibration and noise.
  •  Catalytic Converter Seals – prevent gas erosion of delicate ceramic honeycomb bricks and intumescent mats. Prevent gas bypass around brick and inner catalytic converter shell.
  •  Airbag Filters – prevent incandescent particles from entering or damaging an airbag and regulate the expanding gas following actuation.
  •  Catalytic Converter Mesh Wraps – used to protect the delicate honeycomb ceramic brick within a catalytic converter from shock and vibration damage.
  •  Anti-vibration, Sound Attenuation & Heat Shields – highly effective absorbers of heat, noise and vibration energy for use in exhaust systems. Able to withstand very high shock loadings.
  •  Silencer and Muffler Packing – stainless steel wire wool tubes or pads designed to encapsulate the perforated tube within mufflers to retain basalt/glass wool and enhance performance.
  •  Spacer Rings and Air Gap Seals – used to reduce vibration and noise on dual pipe and down pipe exhaust systems by maintaining a constant gap between pipes.
  •  Brake Components – a wide range mesh filters/breathers for heavy goods vehicle brake systems.
Setting the standard

An ‘Investors in People’ business, KnitMesh Technologies is acutely aware of the need for demonstrable standards and quality across its systems and processes. The organisation upholds all standards relevant to its operations and activities. These include: ISO9001 – the total quality management standard; TS16949 – the automotive industry standard relating to the design, development and production of automotive-related products; ISO14001 – the environmental management standard and OHSAS18001 – the international occupational health & safety standard.

About KnitMesh Technologies

For more information regarding KnitMesh Technologies and what we do, please go to the About Us page.