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Knitmesh Invests In New R&D ‘High Temp’ Fatigue Testing Facility

Posted On : Monday 03rd December
KnitMesh Technologies invests in new R&D High Temperature Fatigue Testing Facility

KnitMesh Technologies, the UK-based specialist knitted wire design, development and manufacturing company, has significantly increased its R&D capabilities via the installation of a high temperature fatigue testing facility at its knitted mesh technology and manufacturing site near Chester, UK.

Renowned globally for the development of innovative solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging problems, KnitMesh Technologies already operates an extensive R&D facility. This capability enables them to work closely with customers in the development of enhanced mesh solutions for use typically in such areas as vibration control, sound attenuation and the provision of seals for use in harsh environments.

Testing up to 1000°C

Through the introduction of their new, state-of-the-art fatigue testing facility, KnitMesh Technologies can now test the performance of mesh solutions up to 1000°C. This capability will enable the company to fatigue test products for a whole range of high temperature applications, such as anti-vibration shields for vehicle exhausts, and allow solutions to be developed more quickly.

Rigours of daily operation

As part of the testing protocols, materials to be tested can also be subjected to the typical rigours of daily operation. In the case of mesh sleeves for vehicle exhausts, testing could typically include the application of heat, grit, grime, moisture and road salt.

Comments KnitMesh Technologies’ General Manager, Peter Evans, “We are delighted to extend further our already comprehensive testing capabilities to incorporate the very latest fatigue tests. The result of considerable investment, this latest addition to our research and development capabilities will enable the creation of exhaust bellows, sleeves and other high performance materials that are more durable and versatile.”

This new facility will enable KnitMesh Technologies’ customers to increase their product knowledge and will make high temperature component testing more cost-effective and convenient.

About KnitMesh Technologies

The acknowledged world leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative knitted mesh solutions for numerous industrial applications and environmental conditions, KnitMesh Technologies was formed in 2007 when KnitMesh Ltd. restructured its commercial activities to create totally bespoke divisions for its knitted mesh and flame arrestor businesses.

Offering state-of-the-art knitting, research & development capabilities, KnitMesh Technologies provides knitted mesh solutions for wide-ranging industrial sectors. These solutions include general mesh products, vibration control, sound attenuation, sealing for harsh environments, the filtering of liquids and gasses as well as EMI/RFI shielding.

Working with customers who are world-class in their chosen fields – KnitMesh Technologies supplies highly innovative products to many multi-national and global organisations across the automotive, electronics, aerospace, military, commercial, industrial consumables, telecommunications, medical, test equipment and enclosure industries.

The technical leaders in knitted mesh, the company has been involved in the automotive sector for over 40 years and enjoys an outstanding reputation for its range of engine breathers, manifold gaskets, exhaust, muffler and silencer components; catalytic converter seals and mesh wraps; airbag filters, anti-vibration heat shields and numerous braking components.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and product development facilities in the UK and manufacturing centres in South Africa and the People’s Republic of China, KnitMesh Technologies frequently works with clients to assist in their product development and provide new manufacturing opportunities.

As part of an international group that also includes world-leading flame and explosion safety systems specialists, Elmac Technologies, KnitMesh Technologies offers the sound financial credentials that numerous organisations seek when appointing a long-term technology partner.

About KnitMesh Technologies

For more information regarding KnitMesh Technologies and what we do, please go to the About Us page.