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KnitMesh Technologies Launches Heavy Duty Abrasive Pad

Posted On : Tuesday 08th September

KnitMesh Technologies, the specialist knitted wire design, development, and manufacturing company, has launched a range of extremely heavy duty abrasive pads for the toughest of jobs.

Manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel with a protective zinc coating that is 4 times the thickness of standard coatings, the pads feature flattened steel ribbon with a high tensile strength of around 1000N/mm2 to provide an extremely abrasive surface. For more delicate surfaces a pure copper pad has been developed.

Peter Evans, KnitMesh Technologies’ General Manager, said “We became aware that customers were using our scouring pads, which are designed for the catering industry, for DIY jobs such as furniture restoration and paint removal. To address this need we have launched an abrasive pad specifically targeted at the DIY market”.

About KnitMesh Technologies

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