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KnitMesh Technologies’ KleenKnit™ cleaning mesh products are made from highly flexible knitted wire mesh and have been designed for a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning applications.

Whether you need cleaning gauze for your industrial manchinery, pot scourers for your restaurant or BBQ, or limescale collectors for your kettle; the versatility and effectiveness of the KleenKnit product range is here to help.

With each product available in different materials, grades and sizes we think you’ll be surprised just how useful KleenKnit™ products can be.


KleenKnit™ Cleaning Gauze

KleenKnit™ cleaning gauze is knitted as a continuous flat stocking that is approximately 125mm wide. Available in three different materials (copper, galvanised steel, and stainless steel) and various wire diameters, the flatness of KleenKnit™ wire provides superb scouring capabilities.

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KleenKnit™ Cleaning Pads

KleenKnit™ copper cleaning pads are ideally suited for cleaning small, delicate areas such as blooming on moulds; or cleaning small tools. The pads are compressed blocks of Premium copper cleaning gauze, and made from flattened 99.99% copper wire.

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KleenKnit™ Mesh Rope

KleenKnit™ mesh ropes are the ‘pulled-down’ form of the cleaning gauzes and made from the same durable materials. The softer copper rope provides good cleaning/scraping performace without the risk of scratching; whilst the galvanised steel rope provides a harsher, more abrasive action.

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KleenKnit™ Pot Scourers

Long-lasting high quality KleenKnit™ scouring pads can be used for a multitude of industrial and domestic purposes including: cleaning, scrubbing and scouring a wide range of materials and surfaces. They are particularly suited for use in hospitality and catering industries, particularly restaurants

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KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors

A slightly different method of cleaning, KleenKnit™ stainless steel limescale collectors prevent the buildup of limescale in kettles during the water boiling process.

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