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The Garden Copper – Protective Copper Mesh Screen

Stop Mollusc Crime in Your Garden

Protect plants in your garden from attack by slugs and snails, which will not cross this copper mesh. The Garden Copper consists of rolls of knitted copper wire mesh designed specifically for use in the garden to cover ground, plant pots, plant stems and any area that you do not want slugs and snails to cross. As they attempt to cross the copper mesh their mucous trail causes a tiny electrical charge which repels them. Ideal for Organic gardeners, this is a humane way of controlling molluscs in your garden and is completely harmless to children, pets, and wildlife.

Deter Slugs and Snails with The Garden Copper
  • Copper mesh repels with a natural charge
  • Repels slugs and snails, does not kill them
  • Harmless to birds and other wildlife
  • Use as ground cover, under and on pots & containers
  • Use around plants, shrub stems and tree trunks
  • Leave in place for year-on-year protection
  • Robust copper wire mesh – not flimsy copper tape
  • Pure metal product – not degradable fabric material
  • Manufactured in flattened copper wire for added copper
    surface area and increased deterrent levels
How To Use
  • Cut sock down one side and open out
  • Splitting the sock doubles the available surface area
  • Cut to required size (length or width)
  • Place on or around plant/item to be protected
  • Not reliant on adhesive
  • Secure by hooking stitches together
Standard Pack Sizes

The Garden Copper is supplied in rolls approximately 120-140mm wide, and in packs of 9 x 5m long or 2 x 50m long rolls.