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Plated & Insulated Copper <small>Polyurethene, Tin, Nickel, Silver</small>

Plated & Insulated Copper Polyurethene, Tin, Nickel, Silver

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Plated & Insulated Copper Mesh


Copper wire that has been coated or plated with a very thin layer of insulating, conducting or other protective material to achieve the specific properties of the finished product.


The copper wire can be treated to yield the desired levels of: corrosion resistance (eg tinned); electrical conductivity (eg silver plated); insulation (eg plastic coated or enamelled); or tarnish resistance (eg gold, nickel or silver plated).


Typically used in electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrical cable screening applications. Also used in the manufacture of jewellery where formability, resistance to tarnishing and a variety of colours for aesthetic purposes are required.