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Knitted Wire Mesh Tapes

Knitted Wire Mesh Tapes

KnitMesh Technologies knitted wire mesh tapes are primarily used for EMI shielding electrical and electronic cable assemblies; for cable jointing, grounding, static discharge and within connector assemblies.

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Normally, the knitted wire mesh should be applied to a cable with a 50% overlap to provide a 4-layer shield, then terminated at each end by clamping, soldering or spot-welding.

KnitMesh Technologies knitted wire mesh EMI shielding tapes are constructed from knitting a fine wire into a double-thickness lay-flat stocking and are available in a wide range of materials and widths.

EMI wire mesh shielding tape is highly flexible, light, corrosion and high temperature resistant. It is also stronger and more resistant to abrasion and physical damage than other tape materials.

Features Of Knitted Mesh

  • Constructed from fine wire knitted into double-thickness lay-flat stocking
  • Available in a wide range of materials and sizes
  • Extremely light and durable
  • Corrosion and high temperature resistant
  • Significantly stronger than other tape materials
  • Tape widths from 6mm to 200mm wide
  • Tapes available crimped for greater thicknesses than standard
Suitable Materials For Knitted Wire Mesh Tapes