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Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets & Seals

The malleability of knitted wire mesh means that it can be formed into almost any shaped gasket required. When combined with the high temperature and harsh environment properties, this makes knitted mesh an ideal gasket material for use in difficult applications.

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KnitMesh Technologies has been producing a wide range of gaskets for over 60 years. Designed for specific, and often highly demanding, customer applications, our engineers are used to working with customers to solve difficult problems.  The malleability of knitted mesh, combined with low cost prototype tooling, often means that sample gaskets for a specific application can be produced quickly and cheaply, both for the automotive industry, and any industry with demanding gasket applications.

Features Of Knitted Mesh

  • Highly malleable so can be formed into almost any shape required.
  • Can be made from high temperature and / or corrosion resistant alloys for use in harsh environments such as combustion engines, exhaust systems, and gas turbines.
  • Wire mesh gaskets can have the tiny voids between the wires infilled with graphite or mica so that the gasket forms a gas seal.
  • Graphite impregnated mesh can form a lubricating gasket where some movement is required between the surfaces.
  • Designs tailored to meet specific customer specifications
  • Prototypes are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low cost tooling
Suitable Materials For Gaskets & Seals