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EGR Clamps & Splitrings

EGR Clamps & Splitrings

Knitted mesh is an ideal solution for applications requiring support clamps and fastenings and their associated split-rings gaskets (C-rings) – we can supply the mesh alone or complete assemblies.

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Knitted mesh can be used as a damping cushion or damping sleeve where pipes are attached to supporting brackets. Typical examples would be in high temperature applications such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) pipes or pipes within gas turbine engines.

The mesh can be supplied as a complete ring or as a C-shape as shown in the photograph for easy fitting. KnitMesh Technologies offers a complete solution for the clamping of pipes in harsh and high temperature environments and can supply both the mesh damping cushion and the associated metal clamp as a welded assembly.

Features Of Knitted Mesh

  • Superb compressibility and resilience
  • Capable of operating in high temperature, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Able to withstand very high shock loadings
  • Protects the pipe from damage by the clamp
  • Available in many different profiles
  • Designs tailored to meet specific customer specifications
  • Prototypes are developed rapidly and inexpensively using low cost tooling
Suitable Materials For EGR Clamps & Splitrings