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Amar KnitMesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Amar KnitMesh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Amar KnitMesh Technologies provides customers with the benefits of British design and technology in conjunction with Indian manufacturing systems and expertise.

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Company Background

The company, founded by KnitMesh Technologies and Amar Autotech Pvt. Ltd., combines world-leading knitted wire mesh expertise with many years of leading service and supply to the Indian manufacturing industry.

Amar KnitMesh Technologies has cultivated an enviable reputation for innovation, value, and quality among its expanding base of Indian customers over the past decade.

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Automotive Engineering

We have been serving the automotive sector for over 60 years, and our knitted wire mesh products have earned us a stellar reputation for excellence.

Exhaust silencer packing, high-frequency vibration dampers, vibration damping mounts, and muffler vibration mounts are just some of the products we offer. We are also experts in other exhaust system components, such as sound-damping materials, flange seals, and sleeve gaskets for catalytic converters.

Check out our complete line of automotive components here.

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Hydrogen Production

We supply high-quality, multipurpose knitted wire mesh and porous media to the industry’s top hydrogen producers. These product lines are essential to the development of several emerging industries, including electrolysis, fuel cells, and power-to-gas conversion.

Another service we provide is a novel welding method that does away with electrical contact resistance (ECR) in electrolysers. Knitted wire mesh, metal plates, and other materials (such as bipolar plates, porous structures, metallic felt, and expanded metal) are bonded together in this method to form a single, cohesive structure.

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Deep Cleaning

Since knitted wire mesh is so strong and long-lasting, it is frequently used in janitorial, housekeeping, and industrial settings where extreme cleanliness and sanitation are required.

Our knitted wire mesh scourers and scrubbers are safe for use on non-stick surfaces, ceramics, glass, copper and stainless steel cookware, countertops, and walls. Some of our scourers are even strong enough to remove paint, rust, and adhesive.

We also provide premium kettle fur collectors that eliminate the formation of limescale and salts. Our kettle fur collectors speed up the boiling process, cut down on energy consumption, and protect the heating element from wear and tear.

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Manufacturing and Processing

While the principles behind knitting wire mesh are the same as those behind knitting clothing, the specialised industrial machinery used to create it makes for a very different end product.

Flat pieces of knitted wire mesh can be used as-is, or they can be layered, folded, coiled, stitched, or compressed to suit a variety of purposes. Knitted wire mesh is often crimped by passing it through a roller to make a diagonal or herringbone pattern. This adds up to 12mm depth to the material (more by stacking), which can have a specified compressibility (spring) rate.

We can produce knitted wire mesh to meet virtually any requirement thanks to our extensive collection of knitting machines, cylinder heads, and strand feeder configurations.

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Business Enquiries

Please describe your requirements in as much detail as possible. We will have the appropriate person get back to you as soon as possible.

Email: indiasales@knitmesh.com

Telephone: +91 82840 23400

Address: Vill. Bora Kalan, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Binola, Gurgaon, Haryana -122413 (IND)

Website: www.amarknitmesh.com

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