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KnitMesh Technologies launches high strength flexible steel mesh

Posted On : Wednesday 06th October 2010

KnitMesh Technologies has invested in leading edge equipment to supply high strength knitted mesh for security applications.

Following this significant development, the Company is capable of producing flexible knitted mesh rolls of over 2 metres in width, and knitted with stainless steel wire up to 0.8mm diameter. The knitted mesh sheet can be incorporated into a range of composite materials such as seating fabrics for public transport use, tarpaulins, or reinforced curtains for truck trailers. The layer of knitted wire prevents the material being cut by vandals or thieves.

Managing Director Peter Evans commented, “Our customers wanted a high strength knitted sheet that combines flexibility with superior strength. Following an extensive development programme we are very pleased to add this market leading product to our range”.

There is an extremely wide range of applications, and KnitMesh supplied their first order to a manufacturer of safety equipment, within days of commissioning the equipment.

About KnitMesh Technologies

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