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research and development imageResearch & Development

Continued investment in knitted wire mesh engineering research and development programs ensures KnitMesh Technologies is able to improve its products and services, and provide high quality and value goods to its customers.

Neural NetworkResearch Topics

KnitMesh Technologies is involved in a range of research projects related to knitted wire mesh.

Neural Network Modelling of Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh

In an attempt to predict the performance characteristics of a compressed knitted mesh component before it is made, and hence reduce development times, KnitMesh are developing a theoretical system based on neural networking. For further information go to the Neural Networks page.

Development Tools

To support the various on-going research programs, and to assist with new product development plans and quality control systems, KnitMesh Technologies has gathered a range of tools to support this work. The following links lead to pages which briefly outline some of the development tools.