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Latest News
A new name - with a pedigree of expertise in knitted wire technologies
On 1st September 2007, specialist knitted wire technologies and manufacturing company, KnitMesh, changed its name to KnitMesh Technologies. The change of name was implemented to reflect better the company's growing global reputation for developing innovative solutions to some of industry's most challenging manufacturing problems. It will also help position the organisation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of knitted mesh products for numerous industrial applications and environmental conditions.
A history of innovation
Celebrating fifty years in business during 2007, KnitMesh was established in London in 1957. Moving to a state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology facility close to Chester, UK, in 1967, the company later opened a manufacturing centre in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and established a presence in the People's Republic of China. With these facilities in place, KnitMesh rapidly made a name for itself across numerous industrial sectors for its general mesh products and innovative knitted solutions. These solutions include: vibration control and sound attenuation; sealing technologies for harsh environments; fluid filtration and EMC shielding.
Growth through planned acquisition
To enhance its capabilities in the provision of innovative technologies, in 2001 KnitMesh acquired flame arrester specialists Elmac Engineering. General mesh products business, Britnit™ Limited, was then acquired in 2002. Following a strategic business review - with the objective of delivering greater market focus - in 2002, the entire KnitMesh organisation was subdivided to form: KnitMesh - specials and automotive, KnitMesh - liquid and gas separations technology and Elmac Engineering.
Focused on success
Wishing to concentrate its activities on satisfying further the increasing global demand for its knitted wire technologies, during 2006 KnitMesh put a business development programme in place to help ensure its status as a world leader in knitted mesh and related products. This programme involved the transfer of the liquid and gas separations side of the business to Sulzer Chemtec in early 2007, with Elmac Engineering (renamed Elmac Technologies) being established as a wholly autonomous business in order to underline its global credentials as a leading provider of innovative safety solutions for many of industry's most volatile environments.
The KnitMesh Technologies product range
As technical leaders in knitted mesh, KnitMesh Technologies supplies its highly innovative products to organisations across the automotive, electronics, aerospace, military, commercial, industrial consumables, telecommunications, medical, test equipment, technical fabrics and enclosure industries.

Working with materials ranging from standard wires to exotic alloys – and including plastics, yarn and glass wool – the company places significant focus on the creation of highly novel knitted mesh technologies.
Motor industry
Involved in the automotive industry for over 40 years, KnitMesh Technologies enjoys an outstanding reputation for its range of engine breathers, manifold gaskets, exhaust components, catalytic converter seals and mesh wraps; airbag filters, anti-vibration heat shields and braking system components.
EMC range
The KnitMesh range of EMC knitted wire shielding products includes all-metal, with fluid seal and 'mesh over elastomer' gaskets. Knitted wire flat tapes are used to shield electrical and electronic cable assemblies, for cable jointing, grounding, static discharge and within connector assemblies.
Special products
KnitMesh Technologies creates bespoke products for many different industries and applications. Mesh in lay-flat stocking of up to 2m in width is produced for anti-vandal/anti-stab protections, plastic extrusion die cleaning, filtration products, grease filters and insulation blanket covering. Wire compacted in a die to produce compressed elements finds uses in a variety of industries for vibration damping, sound attenuation, heat transfer and high performance sealing. All metal-resilient knitted wire cores are used within high temperature sealing gaskets on furnace and oven doors as well as in the aerospace and marine industries.
Intelligent software solution
KnitMesh Technologies is committed to raising the technological profile of knitted mesh, finding new applications - and assisting customers in optimising the capabilities of their knitted mesh components by constantly innovating and designing new solutions.

As a demonstration of this commitment, the company is currently in discussion with one of the country's leading science-based universities to develop an intelligent, self-teaching software suite that will enable the design and optimisation of knitted mesh solutions around the most demanding of industrial applications. Establishing a 'neural net' of mesh suitability and technology, the system will provide manufacturers with previously unconsidered solutions for their particular manufacturing problems.
Setting the standard
An 'Investors in People' business, KnitMesh Technologies is acutely aware of the need for demonstrable standards and quality across its systems and processes. The organisation upholds all standards relevant to its operations and activities. These include: ISO9001 - the total quality management standard; TS16949 - the automotive industry standard relating to the design, development and production of automotive-related products; ISO14001 - the environmental management standard and OHSAS18001 - the international occupational health & safety standard.

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