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Mesh Processing
Crimping Knitted Mesh

Crimped Knitted Wire Mesh

Crimping Knitted Wire Mesh KnitMesh Technologies has the capability to process knitted wire mesh by passing it through crimp rollers to increase the effective knitted sock height.

A single length of knitted wire mesh is feed between a pair of crimp rollers. As the mesh is crimped it is plastically deformed to a new corrugated profile (see diagram on the right).

By changing the gap between the crimp rollers, and the crimp angle across the rollers, KnitMesh are able to produce a wide variety of crimped wire mesh profiles.

This crimping technique is most suited to metal wires and filaments as the crimp shape can only be maintained if plastic deformation of the material is allowed to take place.

close-up of crimped mesh
Crimped Mesh Profile
crimped mesh products
Crimped Mesh Products

Applications of Crimped Knitted Wire Mesh