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KnitMesh Technologies
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KnitMesh Technologies

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Phone: +44 1352 717600
Fax: +44 1352 714909
Knitted Wire Technologies
Knit Wire
KnitMesh Technologies knit wire, knitted wire or woven mesh KnitMesh Technologies knit wire, knitted wire or woven mesh
University of Liverpool Department of Engineering KnitMesh Technologies knit wire, knitted wire or woven mesh
Knit Wire Testing
KnitMesh are the technological leaders in knitted wire research & development.

KnitMesh Technologies are committed to an ongoing programme of research and development and operate an extensive knitted wire R & D facility. Knitted wire mesh is also known as knit wire, knitted wire, wire mesh and knitted mesh, but whatever the term, KnitMesh Technologies offers cutting edge products using a wide range of material and high technology development/manufacturing techniques.

Renowned globally for the development of innovative knit wire and woven mesh technologies for some of industry's most challenging problems, we work closely with customers to develop knitted wire solutions. These are typically for vibration control, sound attenuation and seals for use in harsh environments.

KnitMesh Technologies is working with the University of Liverpool Department of Engineering, a world leader in mechanical engineering and engineering research, to improve knit mesh design software using cutting edge neural networking techniques.

At our state-of-the-art testing facility, a comprehensive range of knitted wire testing services is provided. These services include:

  • Knitted wire fatigue testing up to 1000°C
  • Knitted wire compression testing
    • Using our up-to-date compression testing capabilities, we are able to carry out a wealth of testing data and perform knit wire compression testing, tensile testing, cyclic testing and fatigue testing to each customer's most specific requirements. The compression testing facility is invaluable to customers who wish to investigate how virtually any knit wire mesh structure will perform under a particular load or cyclical conditions.
  • Filtration and pressure drop testing
    • Our modern filter testing facility allows us to monitor pressure drops and efficiency of woven wire and knit wire filters under a range of operating conditions.
  • Other testing facilities
    • We have a fully equipped laboratory for the testing and development of knit and woven materials – call or write to us for more information. Phone: +44 1352 717600 Fax: +44 1352 714909