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KleenKnit™ Limescale Collectors

KleenKnit™ limescale collectors help eliminate the buildup of limescale and salts in your kettle.

KleenKnit Kettle

Limescale is caused by the presence of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts in water. To eliminate this limescale, place the KleenKnit™ limescale collector in any type of kettle and the salts, that are more prevalent in ‘hard water’ areas, will be deposited on the limescale collector as the water boils.

The KleenKnit™ limescale collector is made from stainless steel wire and is therefore hygienic and provides a very large surface area upon which the limescale collects. The kettle is kept free of deposits, thereby reducing both the boiling time and energy costs, as well as prolonging the life of the element and, most importantly, improves the taste.

Limescale Collector

KleenKnit Limescale Collectors
  • Purifies - For better taste
  • Efficient - Reduces boiling time
  • Safe - Hygienic and chemical free
  • Cost saving - Reduces energy and extends kettle life
ProductOrder CodeDescription
KleenKnit Packaged Limescale CollectorKFC00010Packaged limescale collectors on Euro-hanger card
Qty: 10
KFC00040Packaged limescale collectors on Euro-hanger card
Qty: 40
KleenKnit Single Limescale CollectorKFC000LPUn-packaged limescale collectors
Qty's on request

To Clean a Limescale Collector

That's right, you don't have to throw away a KleenKnit™ limescale collector once it gets covered in limescale.
Here's what you can do to extend it's lifespan (and the more frequently you do it, the better the collector works):

  • Hold the limescale collector under cold running water
  • Gently squeeze out the deposits
  • Replace in the kettle
  • Simple
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KleenKnit™ is the new name for Britnit™ and Cadnit™ products.

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