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KleenKnit™ Cleaning Pads

KleenKnit™ copper cleaning pads are ideally suited for cleaning small, delicate areas such as blooming on moulds; or cleaning small tools.

The pads are compressed blocks of Premium grade copper cleaning gauze, and made from flattened 99.99% copper wire. Each pad size is available in packs of 10 and are ideal for tool boxes and maintenance kits.

Round Copper Cleaning Pads

KleenKnit Round Copper Cleaning Pads
ShapeSizeOrder CodeDimensions (mm)
RoundSmall66CPRoS016 OD x 5 Ht
Medium66CPRoM032 OD x 8 Ht
Large66CPRoL042 OD x 10 Ht

Cleaning pads are available in packs of 10.

Rectangular Copper Cleaning Pads

KleenKnit Rectangular Copper Cleaning Pads
ShapeSizeOrder CodeDimensions (mm)
RectangleSmall66CPReS019 x 19 x 5 Ht
Medium66CPReM029 x 31 x 8 Ht
Large66CPReL039 x 45 x 10 Ht

Cleaning pads are available in packs of 10.


Due to the highly effective scouring nature of these products please make sure you test KleenKnit cleaning pads on a similar, but non-critical surface prior to use. KnitMesh Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through use of these products.

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